The Legendary St. George

The story of St. George is the stuff of legend. He lived during the reign of the Emporer Diocletian from 275 – 303. He was a knight, a soldier, and a dragon slayer. This Friday is his feast day and how apropos that he is one of the saints featured in The Rosary: Your Weapon for Spiritual Warfare, the book we pull our weekly meditations from during our Women of Grace Rosary Crusade.

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Becoming a Martyr

June 1

June 1

Feast of St. Justin Martyr

 “Though beheaded, and crucified, and thrown to wild beasts, in chains and fire, and all other tortures, we do not give up our confession; but the more such things happen, the more others, in larger numbers, become believers.

 For Reflection:

Martyrdom comes in many forms. In what way may God be asking me to be a “martyr” today?


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February 23

February 23

Feast of St. Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr  (D. 155)

Leave me as I am. The one who gives me strength to endure the fire will also give me strength to stay quite still on the pyre, even without the precaution of your nails.

                                                            –St. Polycarp at his martyrdom Read the rest…

Feast of St. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr

St. Vincent Deacon and Martryr

January 22
Feast of St. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr

“Against Christ’s army the world arrays a twofold battle line. It offers temptation to lead us astray; it strikes terror into us to break our spirit.
At both of these approaches, Christ rushes to our aid, and
the Christian is not conquered.”

–From a homily of St. Augustine on St. Vincent Read the rest…