The Annunciation: Our Union with Mary Modeled by Blessed Conchita Cabrera

by Kathleen Beckman

As the universal Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Annunciation on March 25, we are liturgically led to ponder the gift, beauty, and mission of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her yes to God’s plan for the Incarnation was intimately personal to Mary and infinitely universal to the Church.

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The Angelus: Perfect Prayer for Advent

by Theresa Cavicchio

How is your Advent going so far? Now that we’re about halfway through this season of waiting and preparing, it may be a good time to switch spiritual gears, so to say, and to introduce a prayer that wouldn’t necessarily be associated with the Advent season, despite its appropriateness.

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Preparation for Total Consecration ~ Perfect Birthday Gift for Our Lady

The birth of Mary, celebrated on September 8, is depicted here in this 17th century painting by Alessandro Turchi (courtesy of WikiCommons)

There are times when a mere book can be life-changing. One such book is entitled True Devotion to Mary, by Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, a spiritual introduction to the Marian devotion known as Total Consecration to Our Lady.

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Exorcists Witness: Mary, Defender Against Demons

(Painting by Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640 courtesy of WikiCommons)

Catholics traditionally consider the month of May as a time of particularly deep Marian devotion. Contemplation on the exalted life, mission, role and dignity of the Virgin Mary is rich and efficacious for growth in faith, hope, and love. Scripture, Tradition, and the saints attest to the role of Mary as God’s chosen Woman in the defeat of evil spirits.

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