Exorcist: Stay Away From Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Castle (Wikicommons: Carlos Cruz)

Even though the Harry Potter series is finished, these wizardry tales remain the most widely-read books among youth. But as this world-renowned exorcist warns, just because they’re popular and everyone’s reading them, doesn’t make them safe.

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Beware of dreams that become obsessive

JH writes: “I have a friend who had a conversion and has become close to Jesus and Mary. He prays daily, including the Rosary and The Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Lately, however, I have become concerned because he started to get messages in dreams to write a book. It is a novel that takes place after the chastisements. He gets all of the information in dreams.  He cannot continue to write until he has another dream, so he looks forward to the next dream. It is consuming his life. I am concerned that it is the devil because it seems to me that he is putting more emphasis on the dreams than on God. I cannot discern whether the book is from God or from the devil until it is finished, but I know there are mystical characters in it; in other words, characters that are getting supernatural messages.

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