Why Walking on Hot Coals is Not a Good Idea

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

The ability to walk across burning hot coals is known as firewalking and many a New Age motivational speaker wants us to believe that our mind has the power to enable us to do this. Does this explain why so many people at these events end up with their feet on fire while others walk away unscathed?

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New Age Self-Help Guru in a Heap of Trouble

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins (photo courtesy of Randy Stewart via Wikimedia Commons)

Tony Robbins, a popular motivational speaker and self-help guru who counsels his fans on the science of personal achievement may need to take some of his own advice as he struggles to recover from accusations of sexually abusing followers to labeling fans who underachieve as “losers.”

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The New Age/Occult Roots of the 5Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) (YouTube)

Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012)

We have received a question from a reader about a form of trance dancing known as the 5Rhythms. Is it New Age? And are there any connections to the occult?

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Can You Detox Your Brain?


MM writes: “I have looked with great interest at some interviews with Caroline Leah – Switch on your Brain. How science is catching up with God’s Word. It seems like great stuff. She offers a detox program of 63 days to change our mind habits. I would like to know what are your thoughts on her methods and teachings.”

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Are Oprah’s Life Lessons New Age?

MH writes: “Besides praying for the Holy Ghost to enlighten my friend’s mind, on Oprah’s Life Classes, do you have any suggestions as to what to say about them not being Christian?  I’ve been to her site where she has New Age speakers, and know about Oprah, from reading your excellent article on her under New Age.  Any explanations or other good information on these classes would be very helpful.”

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Tommy Newberry and Philippians 4:8

GF writes: “I used to be a fan of Brian Tracy, Joseph Murphy and Terry Cole Whittaker untiI I started recognizing that their teachings seem to deviate from bible principles although their books quote Bible verses to make their point. So I stopped reading their books. I recently purchased a book called The 4:8 Principal, the Secret of a Joy Filled Life  by Tommy Newberry. Would you please advise if his motivational teachings are aligned with biblical teachings.”

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Can Neurolinguistic Programmers Really Retrain Your Brain?


A “mass hypnosis” event on the Dr. Oz show that occurred several years ago, which featured popular British self-help guru Paul McKenna, has people asking about the neuro linguistic programming (NLP) he claims to use to help people lose weight.

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