House Blessing

Short Deliverance Prayer

for blessing your home with Blessed Salt

“Dear Lord Jesus, in the power of your Name, which is the Name above all other names, and by Your Word that you have given every believer ‘authority over evil spirits,’ I bind and reject all evil from me and from my home. I seal myself, and all who are here, in your most holy and precious blood that you shed on the cross for us and ask that we be made invisible to the enemy. Please pour forth the power of your Holy Spirit upon me and my home, and loose your holy angels to encamp around us to protect us.”
(Sprinkle the blessed salt in every area of your home, praising God as you do so)
Scripture references:
Philippians 2:9; Luke 10:17-20; Hebrews 13:20; Matthew 18:18; Luke 11:13; Psalm 91:11
–From the Women’s Christian Fellowship Retreat 2009


A Ritual for Epiphany: The Blessing of Homes

The feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, traditionally celebrated on January 6th, marks the closing out of the Twelve Days of Christmas. In centuries past, some European countries formulated an annual ritual performed on this day, to bless parishioners’ homes at the start of the New Year. While it is not widely practiced, the Blessing of Homes on Epiphany is still celebrated in many Christian traditions.

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