Worshipping at the Temple of Gaia

CP asks: “I have an acquaintance who is a member of something known as ‘The Temple of Gaia,’ in Seattle. She has been quite closed-mouthed about this organization; yet, on weekends, she attends services there while her husband attends Christian services. This seems odd to me and I do not trust whatever this is. It seems centered on women’s spirituality and green energy. The woman in question is a former Mormon and is hostile to that faith. Do you have a perspective on this?”

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Loved One Involved in NeoPaganism

AM asks: “How do I help a family member who has been involved with people who claim to be wizards and witches? He also claims that God wants him to be a “two spirit” (in other words homosexual). He plays a game called Wizard and also has what looks like Native American Tarot cards. I have already written him a letter regarding all this at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and now he does not even want to talk with me.”

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Priestess Blames Catholics for Goddess Temple Woes

Tracy Elise (center in long blue gown) and her "goddesses"

Tracy Elise (center in long blue gown) and her “goddesses”

A New Age priestess and radical tantrist appeared in Maricopa County Superior Court last week claiming a Catholic conspiracy is behind the charges brought against her “goddess temple” which include prostitution, pandering, money laundering and illegal control of an enterprise.

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