The Right (and Wrong) Way to Visualize the End of the Coronavirus

Right about now, most of the planet is experiencing “cabin fever.” After almost two weeks of confinement, we’re sick of having no where to go but the grocery store and the pharmacy. Well, if you were part of the New Age “vision board” craze, you would simply hang pictures of fun things to do on a poster board along with uplifting positive words like, “go shopping” and “have a party” and – poof! – this whole coronavirus mess would be over. Can that really work?

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Time for Mary, Exterminator of All Heresies, to Clean House

This painting, entitled Madonna del Soccorso, painted by Francesco Melanzio in 1538-40, is said to be the original image of  Mary, Destroyer of All Heresies, originated. (Wikicommons)

With our Church in crisis, her ranks infected with the filth of unchecked homosexual predation, and too many of her shepherds turning a blind eye to the subsequent abuse, it’s time to call upon the Woman whose destiny it is to crush the head of the ancient serpent who has infiltrated her sacred halls. If there was ever a time to call upon Our Lady under the little-known title of Destroyer of All Heresies, it’s now!

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Can the Human Mind Create Life?

The Secret book coverCA writes: “My sisters combine the ‘theology,’–and I use that term loosely–of the book, The Secret, with solid Catholic teaching. They both have devotions to the saints, the rosary, go to Sunday Mass, etc. That’s why I find it so troubling. Something in my gut tells me this book’s advice cannot be fully reconciled with the Truth found in our Church. . . . (D)o you have any information that specifically addresses the issues of using the mind to “create a life,” and how does one factor in God’s will into that?”

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