Judge Reopens Covington Teen’s Defamation Case

A federal judge has decided to partially reverse his decision to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Covington High School teen Nicholas Sandmann against the Washington Post and is now allowing the case to move forward on several counts.

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Pro-Life Lawyer Heading to Supreme Court Tomorrow Asks for Prayer


The lawyer who is arguing at the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow for pro-life pregnancy centers who are being forced by the state of California to provide women with information on abortion is asking for prayers before this potential landmark case is heard.

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Voters Must Weigh Candidates’ Choices for Supreme Court Justices

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

Citizens concerned about abortion, gay rights, and the kind of judicial activism that has caused the moral condition of the country to deteriorate over the last few decades will be wise to consider the candidates’ positions on one of the most important decisions they will make during their presidency – the appointment of Supreme Courts justices.

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