Why Church Approval of Apparitions is So Important

It’s Advent, and while the faithful are pondering the mysteries of the First and Second Coming of the Lord, there’s a noticeable uptick in the number of alleged seers who claim to have an inside track on the Apocalypse. Here’s why Church approval of any private revelation is so critical in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from believing in falsehood.

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What to do About Fr. Richard Rohr?


Father Richard Rohr, OFM (Wikicommons)

Anonymous asks: “I have a Protestant friend who is very interested in the writings/teachings of Fr. Richard Rohr. I’m afraid my friend may be getting wrong ideas about our Church. I don’t know why I have a strange feeling about this Priest, when I really know next to nothing about what he teaches. Do you know if his writings are orthodox and loyal to the Magesterium? Am I completely off-base, or should my friend be warned about Fr. Rohr?”

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What’s the Difference Between a Prophet and a Psychic?

Mosaic of the Prophet Isaiah by Michelangelo (courtesy of WikiCommons Jorg Bittner Unna)

AH writes: “My friend asked: ‘As far as psychic work the Gifts of the Holy Spirit included the gift of Prophecy… isn’t that psychic ability. Just a different name’?”

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