New Messenger Kids App Stirs Debate

In an effort to tap into the lucrative children’s market while still complying with existing child safety laws, Facebook introduced a new messaging app for kids under the age of 13 that has fueled the debate about the impact of social media on children.

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Why Should Facebook Censor Pro-Life News?

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In what is the umpteenth example of pro-abortion hypocrisy, a New York Times editorial by an abortion activist is calling upon Facebook to censor “fake news” sites like Life News for spreading what she calls “false information” about abortion and its impact on women, the unborn, and society.

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Urgent Prayer Request: Kidnapped in Syria

Dear Friends,

We are sharing the urgent prayer request below from EWTN’s Facebook page:

Urgent prayer request from Sister Monica, Daughter of Charity in Paris: “Members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Syria were kidnapped, along with their wives and children. The children were isolated and put into cages. Adults who do not deny their faith will be decapitated, and their children burned alive in the cages. Let us remain fervently united in prayer, and have as our intention the welfare of all brothers and sisters in our Christian faith who are being held hostage. Mother Mary, please console them, and protect them all from harm! O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” EWTN Prayer Warriors, please share this with everyone you know. Read the rest…

Parents Use Facebook to Expose Daughter’s Boyfriend as Sex-Offender

When the parents of a 16 year-old girl discovered that her boyfriend was a convicted sex offender, she refused to break up with him, and only did so after they lured him onto a phony Facebook page where he began to send sexually explicit messages.

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