Agenda 21, The Earth Charter (Gaia Hypothesis), Green Cross International

CE writes: “You have had a couple of shows on the subject of new age religion and on socialism and it’s deceptiveness.  Are you aware of Agenda 21, the Green Cross organization, the Earth Charter religion ( based on Gaia)? This is all tied together to the One World movement. It is in the schools as being nice to everyone and the environment. It is in federal, state and county laws. It is on TV and in politics. It is everywhere but it all sounds nice and friendly. Who can be against taking care of the environment and each other? Aren’t we called to do that as Catholics? It all sounds ok but it is all aimed at moving us and our children and youth to accepting the new world order which is beyond communism. . . “

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Study Finds Alarming Amount of Drugs in U.S. Waterways

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

The first nationwide study of the amount of human drugs found in the nation’s fish population has uncovered an alarming cocktail of pharmaceuticals in fish caught near  wastewater treatment plants serving five major U.S. cities. The results have prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to expand its study to 150 additional locations in the U.S.

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