Cardinal Sarah: Youth Don’t Want Watered-Down Teaching

“Perhaps we should keep more in mind that passage from the Gospel in which Jesus does not lower the demands of his call to the rich young man who wanted to follow him (cf. Mk 10:17-22).” Cardinal Robert Sarah to bishops at the Vatican Synod on Young People

In his intervention at the Vatican Synod on Young People, Cardinal Robert Sarah reminded bishops that the only “lack of clarity” on Church teaching regarding homosexuality and other moral issues is coming from pastors who water down the faith in an attempt to attract young people to the Church.

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Media Slams Courageous Bishop for Loyalty to Church

bishop paprockiCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The mainstream media is once again maligning a good and courageous bishop simply because he published a decree stating that persons involved in same-sex relationships cannot receive communion or serve on the altar, nor can they be given a Catholic funeral if they do not repent before death.

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