Facing This Election Day With Faith

The faithful are facing this election day with a great deal of apprehension and angst. What if the nation elects leaders who do not represent our views about life and death matters such as abortion, COVID-19, law and order, economic security, religious freedom? How do we face the outcome of this day – whatever that might be?

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These Catholic Lawmakers Voted in Favor of Infanticide

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

As shocking as Monday night’s vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act was to the nation, it was even more appalling to Catholics who watched 10 Senators who claim to be Catholic vote against a bill that would protect babies who were born alive after an abortion.

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Election 2012 + The Catholic Vote by Mary Jo Anderson

The “Catholic vote” is never a sure thing. Politicians have learned that Catholics are not a unified voice nor a unified voting block–too bad. If we Catholics voted according to the teachings of the Church, we could bring about enormous good for our nation. Read the rest…

Abp. Lori: It’s Up to the Laity to Transform the Culture

While attending the Knights of Columbus annual convention in Anaheim, California, Baltimore archbishop William E. Lori warned Catholics not to vote for any candidate who stands for an intrinsic evil, to not allow themselves to get “distracted” by the brouhaha over President Obama speaking at a Catholic Charities fundraiser in October, and to be aware that if the culture is going to change, it will do so through the actions of the laity, not the bishops.

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Catholics Voters Getting Mixed Messages About Obama

by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

Just days after a South Carolina priest instructed parishioners who voted for Obama to go to confession before receiving Communion, his diocese issued a letter repudiating the order. At the same time, a Vatican official, speaking at Catholic University, equated America’s future under an Obama presidency with Christ’s agony in the garden.

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