Church Teaching on New Age Healing Techniques

K writes: “Hoping you can point me in the direction of some good resources. I have some family members who are rather deeply involved with acupuncture, applied kinesiology and a chiropractor who practices both. My own personal discernment and the advice of my spiritual director is to avoid both, but my family is unwilling to listen to any possibility that these things might be bad. I know that you have spoken against these on your blog, and I have read Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life but was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some more specific Catholic resources about the link to these particular therapies and the New Age.”

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MT asks: “I am reading a little bit about kinesiology. My daughter, age 13, has mild scoliosis. It’s a large enough curve in her spine to be diagnosed by conventional doctors but too small for conventional treatment. She is in pain all the time, and I want to try some alternative methods to give her some relief. A mother of a friend from school is offering to work with her through kinesiology. I still don’t get what’s wrong with this approach from a Catholic standpoint. Are there limitations I should discuss with the mom that is willing to work with my daughter?”

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Muscle Testing


SL: “For fourteen years I have had hot flashes from menopause. Recently, I reached the end of my rope. In SC where I live there is a Dr. Susan Stegall on the radio.  Her practice is called Integrative Health. I went to her office last week. She is not an MD but has studied alternative medicine.  She uses a pressure method to determine where you need healing.  The protocol (as she calls it) is then worked up and consists of homeopathic and herbs.When I went to her I had no idea of the technique she uses. While talking to me I saw her eyes focus on the crucifix around my neck.  She made a point of telling me she is also a Christian.  I use the protocol with my eyes fixed on Jesus and remain close to him.  Am I in any kind of danger by seeing this doctor?”

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