Acupuncture Has a Spiritual Component

KB writes: “My son and I received acupuncture therapy.  At one point, the doctor said that energy was being channeled into my son and she needed to respect that energy until it slowed down to continue. I feel uneasy about this, and am concerned that we may have exposed ourselves to something we should not have. What should I do about this?” 

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Church Teaching on New Age Healing Techniques

K writes: “Hoping you can point me in the direction of some good resources. I have some family members who are rather deeply involved with acupuncture, applied kinesiology and a chiropractor who practices both. My own personal discernment and the advice of my spiritual director is to avoid both, but my family is unwilling to listen to any possibility that these things might be bad. I know that you have spoken against these on your blog, and I have read Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life but was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some more specific Catholic resources about the link to these particular therapies and the New Age.”

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Tong Ren

MJ writes: “What is Tong Ren and what do you know about it? A close Christian friend of mine has a 10 year old daughter who has brain cancer and has trusted in the Lord consistently until the cancer got worse and there was no hope given by doctors for a cure.  I know my friend is desperate to get her child healed but recently went to a Tong Ren session and said there would be a ‘doll and a hammer’ used.

“I was quite disturbed about this and sent her an email begging her to not do this. I believe it is against the first commandment. She is angry with me and went to this session anyway. I worry that this practice will only make matters worse for her child…what do you think?”

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