“Deign, O Immaculate Virgin, Mother most pure, to accept the loving cry of praise which we send up to thee from the depths of our hearts. Though they can but add little to thy glory, O Queen of Angels, thou dost not despise, in thy love, the praises of the humble and the poor.

Cast down upon us a glance of mercy, O most glorious Queen: graciously receive our petitions. Through thy immaculate purity of body and mind, which rendered thee so pleasing to God, inspire us with a love of innocence and purity.

Teach us to guard carefully the gifts of grace, striving ever after sanctity, so that, being made like unto the image of thy beauty, we may be worthy to become the sharers of thy eternal happiness. Amen.”
St. Paschasius

For Reflection:
Dear Mother, I make this prayer with heartfelt sincerity. Please bring everything in me into conformity with your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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