Despite 1/2 Million Complaints, Home Depot Refuses to End Support for Homosexual Agenda

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist 

In spite of receiving a petition signed by nearly a half million people asking the company to “remain neutral in the culture war,” Home Depot is refusing to stop pushing the homosexual agenda. is reporting that the American Family Association (AFA) delivered 474,161 petition signatures to Home Depot chairman Frank Blake at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Atlanta on June 3 asking the company to stop its endorsement of a variety of homosexual “Pride” parades and festivals. The AFA says that by conducting kid’s craft workshops at these events, the company is deliberately exposing small children to the lewd displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers that are a common occurrence at these events.

When presenting the signatures to Chairman Blake, AFA vice president Buddy Smith appealed to him to review the Home Depot’s policy of support for homosexual activism and direct the company toward neutrality in the culture war.

“We presented to the shareholders and to the chairman and the board of directors over 470,000 signature petitions asking them to remain neutral in the culture war, specifically when it addresses gay marriage and homosexual activist groups,” Randy Sharp, AFA’s director of special projects told OneNewsNow.

However, Chairman Blake quickly dismissed the petitions and affirmed the company’s commitment to funding groups who advocate same-sex marriage and the advancement of the homosexual and transgender agenda.

“I hope all of our shareholders understand that we’re a company that respects the diversity of our associates, our customers, and the communities where we do business,” Blake told shareholders at the meeting.

The AFA expressed disappointment that Home Depot “continues to close the door and not listen to the millions of customers who are offended that they are engaging in the culture war and taking a position in favor of gay marriage.”

The company’s website claims it is “honored” to sponsor “diversity-oriented organizations” such as the  Human Rights Campaign,  Out and Equal Workplace Advocates and Diversity Best Practices, all of which support the radical homosexual marriage agenda in America. It offers full health insurance benefits to same sex partners, pays for complete sex-change operations and requires some employees to attend diversity (homosexual acceptance) training.

They are planning to sponsor the “Southern Maine Pride” event in Portland again this year. The company set up a children’s workshop booth at last year’s event where children were exposed to “drag queens,” nudity and other homosexual activities.

Tim Wildmon, President of the AFA, said his million-member organization will continue promoting a boycott of Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the homosexual culture war.

He is urging concerned people to sign the pledge to not do business with The Home Depot until the company agrees to stop financing and promoting homosexuality.

For more information visit the AFA “Boycott The Home Depot” website.

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