Could November Be Over Already? A Month in Review

Well, I can’t believe it has been this long since I have posted a blog. A big mea culpa to all of you!

I must admit that the last part of October and all of November was a whirlwind of activity, travel, and production. That is my excuse and I hope you accept it.

As an olive branch, however,  Iwould like to offer you a snapshot of what has been happening in our apostolate as well as in my personal life.

The Abundant Life Production: Pre-production was well underway the last two weeks of October but final preparations extended into the first week of November. Father Ed and I left for EWTN on Sunday, November 8 in anticipation of our four-day schedule at the studios in Irondale, AL. Guests began flying in that evening and by Thursday afternoon, we had wrapped up ten one-hour programs for The Abundant Life which will begin to air in January.

As usual, we covered a wide variety of topics. One EWTN staffer who intercedes for us in a special way came through the control room to get an idea of the show titles and production schedule. As she peered over the shoulder of our line producer,  Andrew Brasfield, she lifted her head and said to me, “What were you thinking when you scheduled all of these hard-hitting topics in one week!” I nodded my head in agreement and admitted I was rather surprised by it myself. But what fabulous shows are coming your way! Stay tuned to The Abundant Life — you won’t be disappointed (M-10 PM; T – 4 AM; W-2 PM; F-10AM all Eastern).

The week of the 15th found me answering the tons of emails I had received while away, going through regular mail (apostolate and personal), answering phone messages ( again, a and p), paying bills and balancing my checkbook (yikes!). In addition, the ministry had guests visiting from New Hampshire, Orlando, and Colorado. Since they are personal friends as well, I had the pleasure of hosting them at my home which was a joy and blessing for me. Since we are all engaged in apostolic works, there was great conversation, great ministry and much fun going on. Delightful!

Then, Thanksgiving week, I boarded a plane on Sunday and flew to Houston, Texas to attend Grandparent’s Day at my youngest granddaughter’s school on November 24th. What a beautiful day that was. Carmen wasd delighted that both of her grandmothers came for the event and she had a wonderful time showing us her classroom and her artwork. I came home with a large poster of a beautiful orange flower cut, colored and pasted by her little three -year-old hands. So precious!

After having breakfast with the principal, grandparents and their little ones attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together and ended the day by shopping at the bookfair (smart marketing to have that on Grandparent’s Day!) 

I arrived home on Tuesday evening about 11:30 PM and began preparation for Thanksgiving the next morning. Thanksgiving Day was a wonderful time with family members in abundance. My daughter and I hosted ten adults and six children, and though football was on the TV, there was much conversation and activity going on as well. The weather was beautiful — a picture perfect November Day in Florida — and children and adults spilled out of the house onto the lanai and into the backyard area.

The food was excellent and as dusk gave way to the night, we expressed our thanks to God for the many gifts He has bestowed upon us.

And suddenly, here we are at the end of the month, in the first week of Advent. I will be offering you a bit of a study series for Advent to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of the Christ Child! I do hope it will be of spiritual benefit to you.

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