Testimonial: Dorothy fell back in love with God through the Women of Grace Foundational Study

“I was invited by two beautiful women to attend the Women of Grace study group in October. At first, I was hesitant to say yes, so I prayed about it. I spoke to the Lord and said to him, if I say yes to joining this study, I will need you to remove the worldly obstacles out of my path. Little did I know my prayer was going to be answered that fast.

As I began to dig into the study, I began to experience the Lord stirring my inner being. I felt so excited to read the chapters and couldn’t wait to answer the questions in the workbook. I hadn’t felt this way in about 12 years. I was in love with the Lord! Spending time with him was missing in my life for so long. My mind was consumed by worldly desires, worries and anger.
After four months in the Women of Grace study group, my life has changed. I’m going to daily Mass, adoration and reconciliation. I wake up in the mornings and the first thing I do is say, “Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day, anoint my feet, protect and watch over me today.” Whether I’m cooking, cleaning, or doing my work, I am praising the Lord. I bless my cooking and baking and ask the Lord to multiply it. If I have to leave my home to run an errand, as I get in my car I bless myself and ask the Lord to shield me and my vehicle from any obstacles and danger that might cross my path. I say, “Place your angel in front of me, above me, behind me, one to my right side, one to my left, and one under me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Love you Women of Grace!!! Thank you for the invitation to the Lord’s table.
-Dorothy S

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