Magnanimity and humility define the leader

February 25

“Magnanimity and humility define the leader. Magnanimity is the quest of the spirit for great things. He who strives for greatness and seeks to correspond to it is magnanimous. Magnanimity is rooted in a firm confidence in the highest possibilities of human nature.

Humility is the habit of living in the truth about one’s metaphysical condition, and one’s strengths and weaknesses. It is also the habit of service to family and friends, colleagues and clients, society at large, and indeed all of humanity. Humility fosters in leaders the ambition to serve unconditionally.”

        -Alexandre Havard, Virtuous Leadership

Today’s Reflection:

How to Grow in Humility:

  1. Contemplate the majesty of God
  2. Contemplate the Person of Jesus Christ
  3. Develop an Active Prayer Life
  4. Accept Contractions of Daily Life as Treasures of Humility

-Johnnette Benkovic Williams

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