Testimonial: Karen is a work in progress

“I didn’t know why I needed to come to the retreat; I just know I had to be there,” said Karen from Pennsylvania. “He’s working on me. He’s healing me. I have some deep wounds that I didn’t even know about. But he’s working on me. Just call me a I’m a work in progress.”

For Karen, this work is more like a loving labor. In fact, she has a favorite bracelet which is engraved with the words, “There are no mistakes – only lessons learned.” “We have to look at life that way and believe it when we read it or hear it. God can and will turn our mistakes around if we seek Him and allow Him too.”

But most important of all is to know the truth – that “God loves me,” she said. “Women need to feel that, to know that. Because a lot of us don’t get that from other people. The sacred sisterhood is what carries us through… Just keep on working! Don’t ever stop!”

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