Testimonial: Gail experiences forgiveness and a miraculous healing at a Women of Grace retreat

Gail called in to the Women of Grace LIVE Radio program on EWTN. Listen to the audio above or read the transcript.

I went to the retreat that you had in Pittsburgh and because of that I ended up at Malvern. I’m calling because I received a miracle, and I received confirmation of that today. I had some breast tests before I went to Malvern. I was referred to a surgeon and it was looking like it was going to be very serious. Interestingly enough, the MRI kept getting postponed until after the Malvern retreat. During the Malvern retreat they talked about forgiveness and how oftentimes they’ve learned that unforgiveness can show up as cancer in the breast. I want you to know that I had my MRI late last night and already this morning I got the phone call and my breasts are clear! I want everybody to know that Johnnette does a healing service and Father Ken Geraci was there. It was miraculous and I want everyone to know that miracles happen at these events!” 

-Gail, Grand Rapids, MI


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