Dodgers Award Ceremony Falls Flat

With thousands of people protesting in the streets outside, the LA Dodgers controversial Pride Night ceremony honoring the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence took place before nearly empty stands with many of the few people in attendance booing loudly during the presentation.

According to Fox News, the award ceremony took place an hour before the Dodgers game started on Friday night when very few fans were in their seats. Two “sisters” of the group, Sister Dominia and Sister Unity, waved at the empty stands as they came onto the field to accept the award. The few fans in attendance began to boo loudly.

“The Dodgers community hero award goes to an organization reaching the LGBTQ+ community, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, LA chapter,” stadium announcer Todd Leitz said. “Please join us in recognizing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their outstanding service to the LGBTQ+ community.”

Meanwhile, outside the stadium, thousands of Christians wearing red in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, staged a prayerful protest that grew so large it temporarily blocked the main gate into the stadium. Wearing red in honor of the Sacred Heart, they prayed and held signs  that read, “Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us” and “LA Dodgers Sold Their Soul.”

“We’re hoping that the Dodgers will see the amount of Catholics and Christians showing up here today peacefully,” said protestor Anthony Rodriguez to KTLA5. “We’re showing that we’re not budging. We’ve drawn a line in the sand and we’re putting our faith first.”

The Catholic League, which spearheaded a call to boycott the game, announced that their efforts had paid off with thousands fewer fans showing up for the “Pride Night” game compared to last year.

“There have been four Friday night home games since mid-April, and the average attendance was 50,592. At last year’s “Pride Night” game at Dodger Stadium, 52,505 fans showed up.  But at last night’s “Pride Night” game, the attendance was 49,074,” the League reports.

The muddled message of the Dodgers, who chose to honor a group of drag queens who routinely mock Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and nuns, fell flat on Friday night and proved that in the end, the indecency and bigotry of hate-groups like the Sisters is destined to be defeated.

“The decision by the Los Angeles Dodgers to invite, disinvite, and reinvite a vile anti-Catholic group resulted in horrendous PR for the team, a large protest before the game, a no-show at the award ceremony, and a decline in attendance….” The League wrote in a letter to Major League Baseball owners after the event.

“The central takeaway could not be more clear: just play baseball, stay out of politics, and never again honor an anti-Catholic group (or any bigoted entity). As we have seen with the blowback against Bud Light, Target, and now the Dodgers, Americans are fed up with being insulted and manipulated by elites. Getting back to basics is not only easy, it is non-controversial. This is a no-brainer. Please do so.”

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