Mother of Three Suddenly Sees Dead People

A mother of three from the UK, who suddenly discovered she could see dead people at her grandmother’s funeral, now has a waiting list of British media personalities and reality TV stars waiting to get her advice.

Birmingham Mail is reporting on Chloe Smith, 25, a mother of three from Staffordshire, UK, who claims to be able to see ghosts and angels and has an online following of more than a hundred thousand people. She gives Tarot readings, contacts dead relatives, and can sense the presence of spirits everywhere, including in supermarkets. British celebrities such as Chloe Brockett, Brooke Vincent and Maura Higgins are among her clients.

“It’s kind of bonkers because I never used to believe in what I do,” Smith said. “It’s not something I truly believed in, I never thought I would be able to see people who had passed over.”

That all changed one day when her grandmother, Susan Wright, passed away after being diagnosed with cancer. Smith was particularly close to her grandmother and leaned upon her for help while raising three young children. It was at Wright’s funeral when she suddenly saw her grandmother sitting in the corner of the funeral hall.

“I thought I would be scared but it was such a lovely feeling. It was so positive. I was closer to my nan than anyone,” Smith said.

When she returned home that day, she saw a dead girl at the farmhouse where she lives. The girl, named Charlotte, had been strangled to death.

“I was not scared, it was such a weird feeling. You’d think I would be running a mile. She’s been there for years. She died in a horrific way. I see her all the time. She would show me her neck and things like that and it started making more sense.”

The ghost, who explained that she was “tied” to the location, even admitted that she sometimes plays with one of Chloe’s children.

These experiences convinced her that she had special gifts. Besides contacting the dead, she was able to sense spirits everywhere, could focus on a photo and “sense a client’s energy and feelings” well enough to guide them through their past, present and future, and even provide accurate fertility readings to would-be-moms.

Discovering these gifts turned her life around, she claims.

“My parents don’t live nearby I ended up going into such a depressive state and [I had] anxiety. I never thought I would be off the medication but within two months I was completely off them.

It’s kind of changed my life for the better. I have found the true meaning of myself. Helping others, it’s helped me. It’s amazing.”

A year ago, her grandmother appeared in a dream and inspired her to use her gifts to help others. She obeyed and launched Chloe Mediumship. Her services include mediumship, tarot readings, healing crystals, and meditation. She has also launched a new podcast which will feature her celebrity clients.

As usual, the press is providing Chloe with a steady stream of glowing publicity while doing little or no homework on the origin of these abilities. As any exorcist will confirm, mediumship and divination are not just harmless “gifts” that are endowed upon special people. These are manipulations by demonic entities who found an open door into Chloe’s life, no doubt when she was suffering from anxiety and depression and lost a beloved relative, and are enabling her to believe she can see spirits and look into the future.

The preternatural powers of demons make them more than capable of performing all of the feats Chloe boasts about such as masquerading as the deceased, giving accurate readings about a person’s past or present, and are remarkably adept at predicting the future.

But their most impressive feat is convincing the victim that they are “special” and are helping others by sharing their “gifts” when in reality, they are using this woman to lead both herself and others to spiritual ruin.

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