Abortion Numbers in Sharp Decline Since Dobbs Decision

A new report by a pro-abortion group named #WeCount found that the number of abortions dropped dramatically since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v. Wade.

According to #WeCount, a national reporting effort dedicated to tracking shifts in abortion access by state since the Dobbs decision, the number of abortions in the U.S. has declined by six percent. In April of 2022, the estimated number of abortions provided by a clinician decreased from 85,020 to 79,620 abortions in August. There were 5,270 fewer abortions in July and 5,400 fewer abortions in August for a total of 10,670 fewer babies who were aborted that month.

The breakdown by states found that states with some abortion restrictions in place saw a decline of 32 percent with the numbers dropping from 13,850 abortions in April to 9,390 abortions in August. This amounted to 6,620 few women who had abortions in those states.

The most dramatic declines were found in states that enacted restrictions or total bans on abortions, including Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. #WeCount estimated that the number of abortions provided by clinicians in these states or those that restrict abortion to six weeks, decreased from 8,500 abortions in April to 460 abortions in August. In states with bans or severe restrictions, there were 7,870 fewer abortions in July and 8,040 fewer abortions in August, for a total of 15,910 fewer women who had abortions in those states. This change represents a decrease of 95 percent in the number of abortions in those states.

The most striking declines were in Texas which already had a six-week restriction in place at the time of the Dobbs decision. This state saw the total number of abortions drop from 2,770 in April to approximately 10 in August. Oklahoma, which enacted a total ban in the month before the Dobbs decision, recorded 510 abortions in April and less than 10 in June.

On the other hand, states where abortion remains legal and with fewer restrictions saw an increase of 11 percent in the number of abortions, up from 62,600 in April to 69,740 in August.

Abortions provided by virtual-only clinics saw an increase of 33 percent with the number of abortions rising from 2,830 in April to 3,780 by August.

In states where abortion laws are in flux due to litigation, such as Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, and West Virginia, #WeCount found significant volatility in the numbers. For example, there were 1,250 abortions in Arizona in April, which increased 9 percent in May. In July, which was immediately following the Dobbs decision, the number of abortions provided by a clinician declined by 80 percent, only to increase in August by 158 percent.

Overall, the pro-life community is celebrating these steep declines in the number of abortions nationwide which amounts to tens of thousands of babies whose lives have been saved.

“The results from the #WeCount project confirm that pro-life laws save lives,” said Chuck Donovan, president of Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of SBA Pro-Life America, told the Catholic News Agency. “There is nothing like the birth of a new baby, and these laws will translate into that miracle thousands of times over.”

He added: “The abortion industry has only one message for women: you can’t do it. We’re now replacing that with something better: you can do it, and we will be there to support you. Already pro-life states have stepped up to support women and families — Texas alone has budgeted over $100 million to give women real options.”

The fallout from the Dobbs decision continues, but judging by the trends thus far, the culture of life is making a comeback!

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