Testimonial: Patty

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In my youth and young adulthood, my biggest struggle was being a female, daughter, sister, wife and mother. It is a tall order. My relationship with God was lukewarm, if at all. I went to church because I felt obligated. After church one Sunday a beautiful lady introduced The Women of Grace course and I went to the introduction meeting later that week.


I found it very interesting finding out about women saints and their experiences. A true eye opener. I started praying my rosary, reading the Bible and all the things that I heard other people talk about, that I really didn’t understand, about how Jesus is my savior. Somehow, without my noticing, I felt that I was no longer alone and that He will never leave me. An immense peace entered my soul and I started going to daily mass. I was no longer struggling with being feminine.


Actually my father was very sick and my mom could not do everything be herself anymore, so I helped and later I understood that God was giving me a gift spending time with my parents, as I did not see eye to eye with my mom, what a beautiful gift. They are both gone now and I feel deep peace knowing that they are with God.


During this time of going to daily mass, many difficult things were happening in my life and somehow, I was not alone. I am so grateful for being introduced to this very beautiful course.”



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