The salvation of the world

May 25
“To bring about his salvation, all man has to contribute is his readiness to give himself up completely. The receptive, passive attitude of the feminine principle appears as the decisive, the positive element in the Christian order of grace. The Marian dogma, brought down to a simple formula, means the co-operation of the creature in the salvation of the world.”
-Gertrud von le Fort
Today’s Reflection:
Consider the first statement in this quote from Gertrud von le Fort. On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you rank your readiness with 1 being “Not Ready At All,” and 10 being “Out-The-Door.” What holds you back; what causes you to press forward? What is defined here as the “feminine principle” and why do you think it is the “decisive, the positive element of the Christian order of grace”? Contemplate this in light of Our Lady. After reading the last statement, ask “To what extent am I molded in the Marian dogma?”


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