Follow in Mary’s footsteps

May 23
“…I am confident that the Holy Spirit is sending down His gifts of fiery tongues on the Church today – all with the emphasis on the women. He is inspiring them to follow in Mary’s footsteps and do for the beleaguered faithful in our own day what she did for the infant Church in her day…But, I repeat, it will take Mary-like women to achieve this miracle of renovation of the Church of God.”
-Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
Today’s Reflection:
Based on this month’s study, what has Mary done for the infant Church and for the Church through the centuries? According to Father Hardon, what is our mission? How does he suggest it will be accomplished? Describe your image of a “Mary-like” woman. How can you cooperate with grace to be molded into this image? Ask Mary to infuse you with the gifts and graces you need.


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