No Inner Chi, Gongs or Yoga: Reader Shares Great NO-YOGA Exercise Program

Our thanks to VP who shared this information about an exercise program that does not involve any New Age ideas. I checked out the site and it’s clean! Enjoy!

“I just heard your show regarding Learn to Discern, differences between the new age and Christianity. I get so frustrated with yoga too, especially when women in the parish organize the classes! I have been doing Oxycise for years. It is fantastic and JUST EXERCISE; no gongs, or god-worshiping poses, or ulterior motives. I have the DVD and there is never a mention of anything remotely pseudo-spiritual. It focuses on targeting a particular muscle group while taking in large amounts of oxygen strictly to burn fat, not in order to tap some crazy, inner chi.

“I have copied the URL for you to check it out yourself. I always tell people who seem hooked on yoga that there is a stress-free way of exercising that does not get into the spiritually-damaging realm of yoga. I love it because those who think of yoga as breathing while being in certain positions can take the leap to Oxycise fairly easily; only the Oxycise positions are lunges or a push-up against a wall, etc. I am getting a group together so people will see a no-impact alternative to yoga.”

For more info, visit

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