Begin again

Can you believe we are about halfway through our Lenten journey?

How is your Lent going? Has it been fruitful? Have you kept your promises to the Lord? Is it time to begin again?

One of the most beautiful things about being a Christian is that EVERY day we wake up, is a new day to begin again. And this also holds true for our Lenten journey.

Speaking of beginning again, Lent is the perfect time to partake in the sacrament of confession. Next week, many parishes will be offering penance services. We have made a beautiful Examination of Conscience available to you in our newly launched, FREE, Women of Grace App. This resource was created by the Fathers of Mercy and is an excellent way to prepare for this beautiful sacrament of God’s healing mercy.

Please be sure to take advantage of this FREE resource by downloading the App at the links below and then click on “Examination of Conscience.”



If you’re Lent hasn’t gone that well, today is the perfect day to begin again. And please join us for this week’s Women of Grace Rosary Crusade. Let’s be instruments of the mercy and love of Jesus in our hurting world.


Click the image below to join and if you’ve already registered, you should receive a reminder link directly from Zoom. Please be sure to share the information below with your friends and family!


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