Lenten Journey Through the Sorrows of Mary: Mary’s Knowledge

March 2
“We may well suppose that no one, except our Blessed Lord Himself, ever fully understood the Passion, or grasped all its horrors in their terrible and repulsive completeness. Yet Mary’s knowledge of it is the only one which came at all near to His, and simply because of the excess of heavenly light which shown unsettlingly upon her sinless soul.”
– Father Frederick Faber
For Reflection:
How does Father Faber’s reflection echo Father Suarez’s reflection? Envision the gaze between Jesus and Mary when they meet on the Via Dolorosa. Enter into it. What were Mary’s eyes saying to her Son? What were Jesus’ eyes saying to His mother? Journal their unspoken conversation. Now envision Our Lord and Our Lady turning to you. What do their eyes say to you? What do your eyes respond?

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