Lenten Journey Through the Sorrows of Mary: The virtues of the Immaculata

February 26
“Reclothe oneself, within and without, with the virtues of the Immaculata: the theological virtues and the cardinal virtues, the moral and the religious, so as to become as it were ‘another Mary living, speaking, and working.’”
-Father Stefano Manelli
For Reflection:
Reread Luke 2: 43-52. As you read, jot down the virtues you see in Mary or think would have been necessary for her in this suffering. In what ways do you think Mary lived these virtues prior to this dolor? Which of these virtues do you most need to emulate? How can practicing them now prepare you for potential trials the future may bring? Is there one you need to exhibit now? Ask Mary to procure the grace you need to do so.

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