All Energy Medicine Can Be Summed Up in Two Words – SNAKE OIL

IB asks: “I wanted to know what you thought of Donna Eden’s books and workshops on Energy Medicine.”

Because there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the putative energy  Eden claims to be manipulating, her books and workshops are utterly useless. This rather important piece of information explains why there is no evidence that any healing technique based on the manipulation or balancing of this energy – such as Reiki, healing touch, acupuncture, etc. – has ever healed anyone. Repeated evidence-based clinical trials come up empty, except for those tests conducted by practitioners themselves which are too biased to be considered scientific.

Whatever healing effects people believe they have received from Eden’s books/workshops, is nothing more than placebo.

Eden’s husband, David Feinstein, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, is also pushing an unproven treatment known as Energy Psychology. He calls it “pscyhological acupuncture without needles” and claims it involves tapping on acupuncture points that send signals to the brain that allegedly change dysfunctional responses. Dr. Feinstein even admits that these concepts are “still controversial” but claims recent research has been establishing it as “one of the most promising clinical innovations on the horizon.” The evidence he provides is all generated by either himself or practitioners of EFT and other similar techniques.

Feinstein and his wife direct an organization known as “Innersource” which they claim has been a “pioneering force in energy medicine, energy psychology and consciousness studies.” It is from this organization that they peddle their wares to the public.

This is not to say that Eden and her husband are evil people. They may truly believe that they’re helping people. But that doesn’t change the bottom line: Donna Eden and company can be summed up in two words – SNAKE OIL.

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