Touched by death

All of us will be touched by death. We will lose loved ones. Perhaps one parent or both. Perhaps a spouse. Maybe a sibling. A close friend. And one day, we will die.

One of the most difficult aspects of death is when we are faced with end-of-life decisions. As Catholics, we believe that God is the author of life, both at its beginning and at its end. That is why issues related to the end of life are important for us to consider as we approach electing our future leaders. They will make decisions about how end-of-life legislation is governed in our land.

Euthanasia is not only a possibility, but in some states and countries, it is a present reality. What does the Church teach us about such moments? How does she guide us? How do we distinguish between those decisions that are clear-cut rather than subject to prudential judgment? Are there real-life cases from which we can learn what to do and what not to do?

This week we share the following resources for you to consider as we pray for our upcoming election. We hope they will help you and your loved ones to find answers, direction, guidance, clarification, and hope with regard to these important issues.

Together, we pick up our weapon, the Rosary, and forge ahead in our battle of prayer. We look forward to praying with you this Wednesday at 4PM ET.

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