A field for the word

December 3
“To be a field for the word means to be earth which allows itself to be absorbed by the seed, which assimilates itself to the seed, renouncing itself so as to make the seed germinate. With her motherhood Mary transfused into it her very substance, body and soul, so that a new life might come forth…Mary makes herself completely available as the soil, she allows herself to be used and consumed so as to be transformed into him.
-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)
on Mary’s motherhood
For Reflection
Underline the words in Cardinal Ratzinger’s quote which characterize Mary’s evangelical surrender. Are these action words or passive words? What does this indicate about surrender and the spiritual life? To what extent am I seeking, or even willing, to be such “earth?” What presses me on? What holds me back? Mary, help of all Christians, pray for me. (See tomorrow’s GraceLine for a key to Mary’s success).

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