Mary’s Evangelization Plan

In his book, Queen of Militants, Father Emil Neubert teaches Christian militants that no attempt to spread the message of salvation to a soul should be attempted without prayer. But once we’ve done so, he lays out a plan on how to evangelize like Christ in a way that only Mary can teach us.

As a Christian, you are a witness of Christ; therefore, give testimony to Him! Moreover, as a solider, you must fight; and your weapon is the word.

If you have the ability to speak before a crowd, use this talent that God has given you. If you are unable to do this, at least you can speak to two or three companions, or to one alone . . . No one can excuse his sloth or his fear on the pretext that he was not born an orator. . . Don’t say there are no occasions to speak. If you love your Master, your Mother, and your brothers in Christ, you will make occasions.

Must you learn from the socialists, from the communists, and from the enemies of the Church the secret of spreading ideas? Many of them have had no more opportunity for study than you. But their love for the cause which they defend – the cause of Satan – makes them clever. Have you less love for the cause of Christ than they have for the cause of Satan?

Study seriously the doctrine of the Church on religious and social questions and be able to detect and refute errors of the enemy. Otherwise you will hamper the cause of Christ and bring shame on your religion.

Speak with courage. Remember that you are the messenger of Christ. If you spoke in your own name you would have reason to fear. But speaking in the name of Him who has conquered the world and Satan, what have you to fear? Never speak without having first prayed, and by the power of Christ and the help of your Blessed Mother, you will be filled with divine courage.

Speak with conviction. You possess the infallible truth; how can you fail to feel profoundly convinced of what you saying? A man who speaks with conviction and who practices what he preaches is always listened to, even by those who do not share his ideas.

Speak with discernment. Christ did not reveal everything to His disciples from the beginning because they were not capable of understanding it. You must know when to speak and when not to speak; you must know what to say and what not to say. . . Before speaking, consult Mary. She will help you to know whether you should speak or remain silent . . .

Speak with intelligence. Try to understand those whom you address. Understand their ideas, their prejudices, their inhibitions, their frame of mind. Find out on what truths you agree, so that from this common ground you can lead them to the truths they reject. Understand not only their mind but also their heart. Their parents, their education, their environment, happy and unhappy experiences, their interest, successes and failures, their joys and sorrows – all these have influences on their manner of thinking, of loving, of hating, and of willing. It is the logic of the heart more than the logic of the mind which moves men. If you understand the heart of the one to whom you speak, how much easier it is to work upon his mind and his will. Intimacy with your Mother will give you this capacity for understanding others and for sympathizing with them.

Speak with fairness. Don’t presuppose bad faith; admit it only if it evident.

Speak with humility and gentleness. Do not humiliate your opponents and do not become irritated with them; you will only close their hearts. . . Rarely argue. By arguing you run the risk of humiliating others and discouraging questions.

Speak with love. For love of Christ, whose apostle you are and whose cause you defend; for love of Mary who counts on your help in conquering the world for her Son; for the love of your brothers in Christ, whom you wish to snatch from eternal damnation.

Perhaps you can use the written word along with the spoken word. See with what skill our enemies make use of it! If you are capable, express your ideas, your reflections, and your experiences in book form, or in pamphlets or leaflets, or in magazine or newspaper articles. Do not too easily give your inability as an excuse; is it not your laziness or fear of criticism more than your inability which holds you back? With the flame of love of Christ and of your brothers in your heart, you will easily be able to find something interesting, instructive, and attractive to say.

Even if you are really unable to write, certainly you are not unable to spread the writings of others. . . See how busy socialists and the communists are in spreading their writings wherever they see souls to be snatch from Christ. Can you not inconvenience yourself a little in order to lead souls back to Christ?

Love souls, even the souls of your enemies, as Christ and the Blessed Virgin love them, and your love will make you irresistible.

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