Babies Born Alive After Abortion Used in Grisly Experiments

New horrors about the shadowy world of baby parts trafficking have come to light after famed pro-life videographer David Daleiden found evidence that researchers are shipping babies born alive after late-term abortions to laboratories where they are killed and their organs harvested.

In a grisly op-ed appearing in the Washington Examiner, Daleiden reveals the work of Dr. Jorg C. Gerlach, an “experimental surgeon” at the taxpayer-funded University of Pittsburgh, who published a technique for harvesting fresh livers from intact babies delivered alive in late-term abortions at the gestational age of 18 to 22 weeks.

Daleiden describes the step-by-step, clinical details of Gerlach’s experiments in which fetuses are collected and transferred to select facilities for “human cell processing” by placing the specimens in sterile bags containing a liver storage solution. “ . . . [E]ach specimen was transported on ice immediately after the abortion to minimize the transfer time until cell isolation.”

Upon arrival at the facility, the fetus is weighed, rinsed with an iodine solution, and placed on a sterile surgical tray.

“Then they cut their livers out,” Daleiden writes.

“To a medical certainty, a 5-month-old fetus aborted intact by labor induction is alive at the time of delivery. Feticides such as digoxin cannot be used in a harvesting case, and the whole point of the Gerlach protocol is to obtain fresh, live, clean liver cells for transplantation minimizing time without circulation,” he continues.

“In other words, these babies either died when they were ‘submerged’ in bags for transport, or after their bodies were cut open to harvest their livers.”

Publications generally describe these vivisection and infanticide procedures taking place at a laboratory in Sicily which is owned and operated by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; however, as Daleiden reveals, “it appears at least some of this ghastly work was developed or practiced in Pittsburgh.”

He found liver-harvesting papers co-authored by Gerlach in 2012, 2015, and 2019 that thank his Pittsburgh OB/GYN department colleagues, one of whom owned the local Allegheny Reproductive Health Clinic abortion center, for providing “complete” fetal livers from five-month abortions, he reports.

He also learned that the abortion providers at the local Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania are also on the University of Pittsburgh’s OB/GYN faculty. When he met them during his undercover work that would expose fetal baby part trafficking in 2015, he was told that fetal organ and tissue harvesting was part of their abortion program at the university.

“Gerlach’s fetal liver experiments with UPMC have received at least $2 million in grant money from the NIH since 2011, and his work’s exploitation of born-alive infants raises serious questions about whether HHS violated its own authorizing statutes in previous administrations,” Daleiden writes. “The same federal law that permits HHS to fund fetal tissue research forbids any involvement in live fetal experimentation except to save the life of the baby.”

We can only pray that this ghoulish practice of using body parts from murdered babies for scientific research will be brought to a complete halt in this country and around the world.

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