Amazing Grace!

Just this week, we received an amazing story from our facilitator Olgamarie Tanon about how the grace of God transformed the life of Women of Grace® study participant, Fina Ellis.

Fina partricipated in a Spanish Women of Grace “Mujeres de Gracia” Study Program. During the course of the program, she learned what it meant to be “in grace” and a desire grew in her to experience being in a state of grace. When she decided to pursue an annulment, she knew the situation was a little more complicated because she was from Mexico so she began asking Our Lady of Guadalupe to intercede, a devotion she acquired during the study.

“I thought I would never get married in the Church, but I didn’t stop asking Mary to pray for me and she did,” says Fina.

In April of 2019, Mary answered her prayers. Fina and her husband were married in the Catholic Church after 28 years of being civilly married! She is pictured above with her husband and her Women of Grace sacred sisters. She is grateful to Olgamarie for insisting that she do the study and to her pastor, Fr. Juan Aviles, and facilitator, Sandra Gomez, for helping her with the annulment process and wedding arrangemnts.

The Lord gave Fina the special gift of conversion during her time in the study and we are amazed and humbled at God’s amazing grace and how He uses this humble program to bring about the transformation of the world, one woman at a time!

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