Online Video Challenge Helps Men Addicted to Pornography

A new online video series that will debut on March 27 aims at helping men to break out of the cycle of addiction to pornography through an intensive three-week experience.

CNA is reporting on the new series entitled STRIVE, which was developed by Matt Fradd, author of The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography. Working in collaboration with Cardinal Studios, a Catholic media apostolate, the series offers men online discussion and accountability groups along with practical approaches that address the causes of pornography addiction.

The 21-day program, which will be offered four times a year with the initial session beginning on March 27, allows men to participate anonymously. During those three weeks, men watch videos, engage in online discussions, and take up penitential and sacrificial challenges to help them combat pornography addiction.

In addition, Fradd will release a live-streamed video every seven days which will cover several themes such as beginning to face pornography addiction, perseverance through dependency, and the means to succeed in the long run.

Fradd told CNA that communal responsibility is critical to successful recovery from this addiction which is why his program emphasizes “virtual accountability” between participants.

“We want thousands of men doing it together,” he told CNA. “This isn’t an isolated experience where you just go on a bunch of videos. It’s actually a journey with literally thousands of men, who you communicate with on a daily basis.”

Currently, more than 40 million adults in the U.S. visit internet porn sites on a regular basis. Signs of an addiction to this habit include being obsessed with viewing pornography to the point of becoming less involved in other activities and time spent with others.

Even though pornography addiction is not yet an official diagnosis, this addiction can lead to serious consequences in many aspects of a man’s life from destroying his spousal relationship to drug addiction, loss of employment and even legal trouble.

This addiction is serious, which is why Fradd’s program includes a practical approach to the problem by offering men concrete solutions to prevent a relapse into pornography use.

“Giving someone solely spiritual solutions to something that isn’t solely spiritual isn’t terribly helpful. It would be like encountering a person exhibiting signs of clinical depression and then telling them to [only] pray hard,” he said.

The program costs participants $49, but until March 27 it will be offered for $39.

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