9 Days for Life Novena Starts Today!

Intense and focused prayer is desperately needed as our nation approaches one of the saddest days in its history – the passage of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973 – a law that has led to the slaughter of more than 60 million Americans.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is launching its annual 9 Days for Life novena which starts today and ends on Tuesday, January 22. This multi-faceted novena for the respect and protection of every human life has a different intention for each day, accompanied by a short reflection, suggested actions, and related information.

For example, on Tuesday, January 15, the focus is on praying that all people will embrace the truth that every life is a good and perfect gift that is worth living. The faithful are asked to recite an Our Father, three Holy Mary’s and a Glory Be, then reflect on how God does not call us to perfection in appearance or abilities, but to perfection in love. Therefore, we’re all a gift held in existence by His love regardless of any illness, disability, or challenging circumstance. Acts of reparation are also suggested for the day, such as taking a break from TV or social media for the day.

For those who want to take it one step further, they are encouraged to read more about this subject, such as an article entitled “A Perfect Gift” where a parent shares the experience of raising a child with Down syndrome.

We know through faith that God hears our prayer, and when this faith is bolstered by the hope that He will certainly answer us one day, there is no power on earth that can stop us!

Let us join our hands and our hearts in prayer during the next nine days for the sake of those lives most imperiled during this time in our nation’s history – the unborn, the disabled and infirm, and the elderly.

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