Prayer Needed for Pivotal Decision at SCOTUS!

Faithful advocates for life need to spend a little extra time in prayer right now as Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court continue to deliberate over whether or not to take on an Indiana pro-life law that would bring the abortion issue before the new Court for the first time.

The Washington Post is reporting on the law which was passed by Indiana in 2016 and signed by then-Governor Mike Pence. It prohibits women from obtaining an abortion due to gender, race, color, national origin or ancestry. It also requires fetal remains that are not taken home by the mother to be cremated or buried. Doctors who perform abortions for any of these prohibited reasons risk losing their medical license and incurring civil penalties.

As Post writer Paige Winfield Cunningham writes, whether or not the Justices decide to take on the case could be “a major indicator of how its new, conservative majority plans to approach the deeply controversial topic of abortion.”

For this reason, both sides are anxiously waiting for the decision which could come as soon as tomorrow.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the newest member of the court who was the most fiercely opposed of any other Justice in history, is the jurist who is the most closely watched. He disappointed pro-lifers just a few weeks ago when he joined the court’s four liberal justices to decline to take up a case that would have withheld Medicaid dollars from providers who also perform abortions.

In order for the Supreme Court to hear a case, four justices must consent.

“We urge the court to grant the people of Indiana a hearing on these landmark pro-life laws,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a grass roots organization that works to elect pro-life women to public office. “The cruelty of abortion runs contrary to who we are as Americans.”

As the faithful prayerfully prepare to March for Life in Washington next week, let us remember to pray for our Justices, that they may decide to end this grave offense against humanity in our land.

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