Real Life, Real Faith: Infidelity

We receive many letters and emails about situations in life that are not easily resolved. And yet, we know God has a plan for us in the midst of every circumstance and event. Recently, I heard from a woman who had just discovered her husband of nearly twenty years had been cheating on her.

She was devastated and reeling from the shock. However, she wanted to try to make a go of things and wondered if I had ever heard of a couple who were able to repair the damage caused by such a deep and pervasive marital breach.

My sad reply was, “Not many.” And I think there is a reason for this. If a marriage has survived infidelity, I doubt the couple would talk about it freely.  It is just too private a matter.

But it occurred to me that if there were an anonymous way for individuals who have healed from this pain to offer encouragement, support,  and suggestions for others who were experiencing it, then much good might be accomplished.

It is to this end that I offer the blog today.

Has your marriage healed from the transgression of adultery? What would you say to someone who is suffering this pain right now? What did you do to cooperate with grace during the recovery process? How were you able to reinvest trust in your offending spouse? Has your marriage strengthened in some way(s) as a result of this ordeal — how?

Your response will be posted on my blog without your email address or contact information. As always, I reserve the right to select those submissions that are in keeping with Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church.  May God bless you.

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