The Good Samaritan

August 3

“A Good Samaritan is one who brings help in suffering, whatever its nature may be…He puts his whole heart into it, nor does he spare material means.  We can say that he gives himself, his very “I,” opening this “I” to the other person.  Here we touch upon one of the key points of all Christian anthropology.  Man cannot “fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself”.  A Good Samaritan is the person capable of exactly such a gift of self.”
-St. John Paul II
Today’s Reflection:
What a profound reality offered to us in this description of the Good Samaritan.  How is God calling you to be transformed into a Good Samaritan?   It’s okay to start small!

Quote and Reflection taken from:
Experience Grace in Abundance: Ten Strategies for Your Spiritual Life
by Johnnette S. Benkovic
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