Last Day to Make Sure Planned Parenthood Loses Title X Funding!

If you want to see Planned Parenthood lose up to $60 million of Title X taxpayer dollars, today is the last day to submit your comment to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) asking them to enact the Protect Life Rule.

Pro-Life organizations are encouraging the public to weigh in on the new rules which can only be adopted after a public comment period that ends today.

The proposed rule does three important things:

1. It forbids giving federal Title X funds (of which Planned Parenthood receives about $60 million a year) to any family planning facility that also has an abortion facility on site.

2. It forbids giving Title X funds to any family planning facility that refers its clients to abortion facilities.

3. It requires family planning facilities that receive Title X funds to follow all state and local laws that mandate the reporting of suspected child sexual abuse, child rape, sexual abuse and rape of adults, and human trafficking, among other crimes.

As we reported yesterday, Planned Parenthood is already panicking about these new rules and knows that if they are enforced, it will do real damage to their bottom line. Therefore, the abortion lobby is desperately trying to stop this rule by flooding the HHS with negative comments.

“Take action now and submit your official comment in support of the Protect Life Rule,” Live Action said in an email blast to its supporters. “It will take less than two minutes, and we have provided a sample comment to help you (but please feel free to use your own words — it means even more to the decision-makers!).”

Click here to make sure your voice is heard!

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