How Do I Know If I’ve Been Cursed?

We are often asked by people how to determine if they have been cursed or the victim of an evil spell? They might be experiencing a string of financial losses, accidents, or illnesses. Or maybe they suddenly can’t seem to focus or concentrate on their work. If someone put a spell/curse on them, how will they know and what can be done about it?

This question was addressed by the late Father Gabriele Amorth in his book, An Exorcist Explains the Demonic, in a section entitled, “How Evil Spells Can Manifest Themselves.”

He describes two examples of authentic spells (aka curses). One case involved a man who broke up with his fiancée after a six-year engagement and suddenly started to experience physical problems. In addition, he was never able to find another fiancée. He also lost his job and was unsuccessful in finding another one. As it turned out, his would-be mother-in-law was so angry at him for breaking off the engagement with her daughter that she hired a witch to put a spell on him. Only after working with Father Amorth was the man able to get over the physical problems, but he’s still unable to find a job or a new fiancée.

Another case concerned a man who opened a shop in a city plaza and all seemed to be going well until the day a competitor opened a business in the same area. Although one could expect that this competitor might cost him some business, it seemed odd that all of a sudden, not a single customer would step foot in his shop – not even long-time clients. Father was able to verify a local infestation and celebrated Masses inside the man’s shop with personal blessings and local exorcisms. His clients slowly began to return.

When it comes to individuals, it can be very difficult to know if you have been the victim of an evil spell. In fact, some people may never know it. Father Amorth has had cases where people didn’t know they were subject to spells until they were prayed over by members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

I personally knew of a woman who discovered that she was cursed only after being prayed over by a priest at a healing Mass. She had suffered a mental breakdown years earlier and had been doctoring for this condition for years. The priest sensed “something dark” around her and sent her to an experienced exorcist for help. Only then did she learn that she had been cursed by a psychic who she used to visit at lunchtime with fellow secretaries “just for fun.”

It would be very easy to blame every misfortune or ill-humor on a curse. This is why the Spanish exorcist, Father Jose Fortea, tells his parishioners who suspect that they are the victim of an evil spell to employ the following program to determine if they’ve been cursed or not.

1. Pray the Rosary
2. Read the Bible
3. Speak with God every day
4. Attend Mass frequently, even daily
5. Place a blessed crucifix and an image of the Blessed Mother in one’s house.
6. Make the sign of the cross with holy water daily.

These weapons are so powerful that if a person has been cursed, their problems will gradually begin to disappear. If the problems persist, chances are their troubles are due to other causes.

And it goes without saying that employing these practices regardless of whether or not you’ve been cursed is one of the best ways to protect yourself from becoming the victim of an evil spell.

Remember, God is more powerful than the devil.

As Father Amorth explains, “It is necessary to say that spells do not always reach their targets, either because the person may be well protected in his life of grace, or because God may not permit it, or because the wizard or sorcerer may not succeed, perhaps because the demon, the Prince of Lies, can deceive his own followers.”

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