Witchcraft, Ouija & the House of Horrors

New revelations from a family member of Louise Turpin, the woman accused of starving her 13 children in their Perris, California home earlier this year, suggest that Turpin’s fascination with witchcraft and Ouija boards may have influenced the crimes.

The New York Daily News is reporting on an explosive interview with Elizabeth Flores, the sister of Louise Turpin, who said the abuse of the children Louise had with her husband, David, started after her sister became involved in the dark arts.

“She told me she was messing around with witchcraft. It just really freaked me out,” Flores told The News. “She brought the Ouija board to my home and I wouldn’t let her bring it in my door.”

The Turpins, who are currently in custody on multiple charges of child abuse, were arrested in January of this year after one of the children escaped and notified authorities about the abuse that had been going on for years. The children, who ranged in age from two to 29, were allegedly shackled and beaten, allowed to eat only once a day and to shower just once a year.

Flores said that sometime between 2008 and 2010, Turpin came to her house in Texas and brought a Ouija board with her. Turpin told her that it said she would have another baby.

Turpin also tried to convince her to join a snake-handling festivals because she believed reptiles could give her power.

“Louise was attracted to that, like women dancing with rattle snakes around their necks. She was reading that snakes give you power,” Flores said.

Many more details are contained in Flores’ 204-page book about the case, entitled Sisters of Secrets, in which she wonders what role her sisters involvement in the occult may have played in the horrifying abuse of the Turpin children.

“I do know witchcraft is very serious and demonic,” Flores said. “If she did get deep into that, I do think it could have led her to do what she did because you’re basically selling your soul to the devil.”

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