Will an “Eye of Medusa Bracelet” Protect You From a Curse?

FC asks: “I was wondering if you are familiar with a bracelet called ‘Eye of Medusa’? From what I understand, it sounds very suspicious.”

Your discernment is spot on, FC!

The Eye of Medusa is also known as the evil eye, which is a curse put upon someone via an ill-intentioned look. An Eye of Medusa bracelet is an amulet which is worn to protect a person from the effect of the evil eye.

According to the exorcist for the diocese of Rome, the late Father Gabriele Amorth, “The evil eye is a true spell; in other words, it presupposes the will to harm a predetermined person with the intervention of demons. In this instance, the nefarious deed is achieved through the sense of sight.”

As you’ll read on this blog about the evil eye, a whole cottage industry has grown up around this belief, which is said to have originated in the Middle East. People who want protection against the evil eye are encouraged to wear special pendants, bracelets, charms and stones known as “nazars.”

However, the Catechism calls the wearing of these charms or amulets “reprehensible” (No. 2117) and for good reason. The practice of wearing or using amulets or charms for protection or good luck are all superstitions (See Catechism No. 2110, 2111).

If we feel we need protection against evil, we should have recourse to God through prayer, and not break the first commandment by relying on stones and trinkets (false gods) to protect ourselves.

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