Not Impressed with “Holy Yoga”

The consciences of some people are pricked by the idea of engaging in the Hindu practice of yoga, which makes Christianizing the practice seem like the perfect fix. But a closer look reveals that attempts to Christianize a Hindu spiritual practice is nothing more than syncretism and many of today’s most popular versions – such as Brooke Boon’s Holy Yoga – are riddled with theological errors. The following note is from a reader who now sees the light.

“I was recently researching Holy Yoga and even was considering becoming an instructor. I injured my back a while ago and loved the idea of yoga with the focus on Christ. Then I came across your blog…and I wanted to say thank you. I agree with what you are saying about it. You can’t take a Hindu practice, throw some Christian music in the mix and call it worshiping the one True God. It’s even convicted me of other new age or pagan rituals we have thrown Jesus in the mix and called it our own.

“I wanted to say thanks for being another perspective, which is not always easy. I have discussed this with some of my other Christian mom friends and they agree as well. This isn’t the way God asked us to worship Him.”

Indeed, in Deuteronomy 12:31 the Lord specifically warns us not to worship Him the way the pagans do.

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