NYT Wants Feedback on Abortion

The New York Times is extending an open invitation to women around the world to join in a discussion about abortion. This is our chance to flood the Times with the truth about the harm abortion does to women and children!

The New York Times new project is open to all women who have had an “experience” with abortion – either having undergone the procedure or considered having an abortion.

“Abortions happen around the world, no matter the laws or customs. But depending on where a woman lives, the experience of having an abortion varies widely,” the article reads.

“We know abortion can be hard to talk about, even with loved ones. But sharing your experience can help others think through the complexities,” the article reads. “If you have ever considered an abortion, please tell us about it. We may publish a selection of the responses. We will reach out to you before using your comment or name.”

The following is a sample of some of the questions on the form:

“Do people in your community talk about abortion?”

“Have you ever considered an abortion?”

“If you did seek an abortion, please tell us about your experience and what the process was like. What steps did you need to go through? What kind of abortion was it (medication, surgical or another method)? How did you pay for it? Did you feel safe?”

Women who fill out the questionnaire have the option to remain completely anonymous.

According to Helen Alvare, president of Women Speak for Themselves, answering this short questionnaire could be “a brief but spectacular contribution to the international discussion on abortion.”

Alvare suggests that women take this opportunity to speak up about the lack of social and cultural support for women who wish to keep their babies; of the scant support for motherhood in the U.S.; of the over-emphasis on adult rights to sexual expression without regard for the fact that “sex make babies” which too often leaves men and women unprepared for the new life they create, and; how the mental and emotional anguish of women who suffer regret after an abortion is so little acknowledged.

“Please please, let’s overwhelm the NYT with our responses!” Alvare pleads. “If we don’t . . . you know who will, right?”

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