Second Miracle Approved for Blessed Pope Paul VI

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has approved a second miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Pope Paul VI which could allow his canonization to take later place this year.

CNA/EWTN is reporting on the miracle which involved a mother from the province of Verona, Italy who was advised to have an abortion after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2014.

A few days after the October 19 beatification of Pope Paul, she went to the Shrine of Holy Mary of Grace in Brescia to pray for a miracle. As a result, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who remains in good health today.

The medical council of the Congregation ruled last year that the healing was medically inexplicable and the consulting theologians agreed that it had occurred due to the late pope’s intercession.

“The miracle for Paul VI’s canonization echoes that of his beatification,” CNA reports.

“That first miracle took place in the 1990s in California. A then-unborn child was found to have a serious health problem that posed a high risk of brain damage. Physicians advised that the child be aborted, but the mother entrusted her pregnancy to Paul VI.”

This child is now a healthy adolescent.

The final step in the process will be the presentation of the miracle to Pope Francis by Cardinal Angelo Amato, head of the Congregation. The pope will then decide whether or not to issue a decree approving it.

If he does, the date for the canonization will be announced during a consistory.

According to the Vatican Insider, the date will more than likely take place in October during the Synod of Bishops on youth.

Paul VI, who was born Giovanni Montini in 1897 in the Italian town of Concesio, oversaw much of the Second Vatican Council. He is beset known for publishing the encyclical Humanae Vitae in 1968, which reaffirmed the Church’s teaching against contraception.

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